The difference between sublimation mugs & normal mugs

  1. Normal mugs are different from sublimation ceramic mugs.

Mug styles and shapes are generally diverse, with endless designs that can highlight some of the user’s characteristics, such as distinctive uniqueness. Therefore, the creative space of mugs is very wide. such as a spout added to the mug to hold a convenient tea bag according to the mug design; the handle of the mug is designed as an animal’s tail or part of the overall landscape, which is very nice. So many young people now like to choose DIY mugs for their daily drinks.

2. Different functional materials

As mentioned earlier, normal mugs are more widely available in terms of materials than sublimation mugs. There are many sublimation mugs made of materials designed by manufacturers that can be compared with normal mugs in everyday life. For example, they can be used directly in the microwave and dishwasher. Of course, if a bone china mug is encrusted with gold, it can’t be put in the microwave. If it is not decorated with gold and other heavy metals, the microwave will, of course, mawkishly rain for it. Bone china mugs are best washed by hand. Some dishwashers have a “porcelain and crystal” cleaning function, but using your hands will extend the life of the mug without damaging the porcelain and keeping it as clean as new. Of course, clean moms can’t escape their special cleaning. The capacity of the mugs is much larger than ceramic mugs due to their different uses. Not to mention bone china mugs, which are much better insulated than ceramic mugs as far as regular mugs are concerned. It can’t be. Who makes people with big stomachs.

Of course, sublimation mugs are just as good as normal mugs, and high quality ceramic mugs are good too. For elders who like tea, it’s best to add a classic bone china tea set. What kind of lightweight clear bone china teacups can hold the tea broth. A bone china teapot is delicate, beautiful and lightweight, not to mention. It retains the mellow aroma of tea thanks to its insulating properties. It’s really great.

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